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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Division

The Environmental Division uses state-of-the-art methods and tools to improve clients environmental performance, reduce impact on the environment and address corporate social responsibility. ArticCan’s team provides a wide range of services to minimize environmental and compliance costs, reduce emissions and wastes, conserve energy, and optimize production processes.

Our engineers conduct Life Cycle Assessments to evaluate environmental impacts of products, services, and processes. ArticCan also offers Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting services, including organizational- and project-level accounting, and verification. This includes development of the GHG inventories to ensure compliance with regulations, development and setup of corporate GHG data management systems, and data quality management procedures development. Our greenhouse gas accounting team is familiar with Canadian and international regulatory frameworks.

ArticCan’s team is skilled in environmental impact and risk assessments, development of emissions and waste reduction strategies, and policies analysis. Our environmental engineers conduct engineering studies, modeling, and simulations to determine the appropriate technology option and optimize an environmental performance of processes.

ArticCan offers emissions and wastes strategy development and policy analysis services, including development and implementation of emissions management and greenhouse gas reduction programs and projects, analysis of policies and regulations and their impact on the client, and the facilitation of consultations with governments and other stakeholders.



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